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  • Angela Lee, President of UO Students Against Modern-Day Slavery (UOSAMS), works to advocate for survivors of human trafficking.
    05 2014 October

    Speak Up!

    Without advocates, the voices of human trafficking victims would never be heard. ...

  • DSC_0018
    05 2014 October

    Golden Gunk

    SeQuential Biofuels brings cleaner energy to Oregonians. ...

  • Bible-1
    05 2014 October

    A Different Kind of None

    Discovering the Northwest’s propensity to faithlessness. ...

  • IMG_7344
    05 2014 October

    Doomsday Preppers

    From environmental disasters to terrorism, preppers want to be ready for anything....

  • DSC_0054
    05 2014 October

    Fried and Fed

    An Alabaman’s search for the best BBQ in Eugene ...

  • Van Deusen says he looks forward to the future but also described his last set as emotional and intense. “I had somebody come up to me after the show and say, ‘Your music saved my girlfriend’s life.’ That’s amazing,” he says. “That’s an incredible thing to be told by someone. That the songs we wrote, then jammed together in the garage.. it’s crazy.”
    05 2014 October

    Back to the Woods

    Story & Photos by Gordon Friedman After nearly ten years, four studio albums, several national tours, and countless memories The Lonely Forest is done. The Anacortes, WA indie rock quartet admirably said goodbye to several...

  • Knight Bangcock enjoying Beer
    05 2014 October

    Running Under the Influence

    Locals combine the best of both worlds: running and drinking. ...

  • IMG_1144
    05 2014 October

    Casting the Eternal

    Steve Reinmuth practices the dying craft of lost wax casting. ...

  • DSC_3059
    05 2014 October

    Home on the Road

    Traveling musicians find creature comforts away from stability....

  • Img10
    05 2014 October

    Singapore Nights

    A teenager from California discovers Signapore’s culture....

  • Lemur Illustration
    05 2014 October

    March of the Lemurs

    Camille Kaynor tracks lemurs through the dwindling forests of Madagascar....

  • Chez13
    05 2014 October

    Chez Ray

    The 1960s live on in Ray Sewell’s cooking. ...

  • no image
    05 2014 October

    The Green Light

    Sam Poloway examines marijuana legalization efforts in Oregon....