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  • Light Upon the Lead
    18 2014 August

    Live Review: Against Me!

    Photos by Devin Ream Story by Aliyah Hall  Thursday night at the WOW Hall was a can’t miss for punk and rock enthusiasts when Against Me! took stage. Opening for the Against Me! was Venus DeMars,...

  • Sex trafficking statistics come with a “very big margin for error,” according to Detective Brendon McGuire of Portland’s Human Trafficking unit.
    25 2014 July

    In Plain Sight

    Three women with experience in the local sex industry provide a glimpse into a veiled culture....

  • computers
    25 2014 July

    Tapping the Conversation

    Gordon Friedman examines the debate between privacy and national security....

  • jpg13
    25 2014 July

    The Hip-Hop Police

    Portland’s introspective rap community and law enforcement officials experience a failure to communicate....

  • Brianne Siegel says that she likes her current job despite its non-traditional nature. “People need to be open to all ideas, especially as a film student. With film I think it is important to explore all areas and not be so preoccupied with one a particular craft” Siegel says.
    25 2014 July

    Long Way To L.A.

    Film companies offer experience to young, hungry cinematographers, whether they’re productions of Portlandia or pornography....

  • Al-Rawe gives a presentation in the Mills International Center at the University of Oregon about Islam in Iraq and Iraqi culture.
    25 2014 July

    The Mental Front

    Awab Al-Rawe escaped gunfire and terrorist threats with the hope of healing his country through higher education....

  • Gessen is the author of several books and has been featured in multiple publications such as The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Slate, and more. She has received many awards and honors, the most recent being the Media for Liberty Award in 2013 for her Vanity Fair article, “The Wrath of Putin.”
    25 2014 July

    The Putin Era

    Story by  Jayati Ramakrishnan and Ben Stone Photo by Tiffany Han Illustration by Ben Stone In 2012, President Vladimir Putin was planning on strapping into a hang-glider and leading a group of cranes for part of...

  • The ladies of the cast perform “Mama Who Bore Me” at the beginning of the show.
    25 2014 July

    Spotlight Memories

    A passionate local cast and crew breathe new life into “Spring Awakening”, a challenging play about adolescence....

  • An anonymous model displays her breast reconstruction.
    25 2014 July

    Survivors’ Ink

    Katie Burke uses tattoos to empower and raise awareness for breast cancer prevention....

  • A main stop on the tour is the cabin that is off of its foundation where you can place a broom and make it stand or see a bottle roll up the floor instead of downward towards your feet.
    25 2014 July

    Blessed Vortex

    The value of a bizarre southern Oregon tourist attraction to its community may be based on more than its authenticity....

  • hale Vaughn lights incense on her altar. She states that incense often plays a large role for her when she is at her altar and even tells stories of incense clearing from the room despite no draft or breeze, prompting moments of clarity as she was calling to a god.
    25 2014 July

    Followers of the Æsir

    The Vaughns devote themselves to a partnership with the gods of Ásatrú....

  • Simon Blatz, an owner of Blue Dog Mead, taps a keg of Blue Dog’s Blue Collar mead, the first mead Blue Dog began producing. It’s described as a traditional mead with a sweet start and a dry finishing taste.
    25 2014 July

    Nectar Of The Gods

    The world’s oldest fermented beverage still has shelf space and a dedicated following in the modern world....

  • Olivia Smoody is a resident of Oakridge, a bike mechanic at Willamette Mountain Mercantile and a mountain biking enthusiast.
    25 2014 July

    All Falls Down

    Decades after fate and a population of endangered owls brought Oakridge’s economy to its knees, its citizens have found a new industry to bring people back....

  • no image
    25 2014 July

    My Aliyah

    Converting to Judaism without Jewish heritage was a gauntlet for Aliya, who was forced to deal with the judgement and scorn of her friends and family before finding peace....

  • jpg8
    25 2014 July

    Cameras Like Crickets In Heat

    As protests in Istanbul begin again, Dash Paulson writes about his experience at Taksim Square in 2013, an event he believes was much different than reported....

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Photos by Gordon Friedman Rock musician and film director Robert Cummings, better known by his dreadlocked undead stage persona Rob Zombie, visited Eugene’s Cuthbert Amphitheater with his band on September 9th. Zombie has announced an...

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Bill Nye – “The Science Guy” appeared at Bumbershoot festival in Seattle to lead a taping of the podcast StarTalk Live and to advocate for the sciences.

Photos: Bill Nye at Bumbershoot

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On Mondays through Thursday nights the same group of guys come together to play pick-up games of soccer.

International Footwork

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A turf field serves as a platform for soccer players to practice their passion, form new relationships, and hone in on their communication and language skills....

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Bill Nye – “The Science Guy” appeared at Bumbershoot festival in Seattle to lead a taping of the podcast StarTalk Live and to advocate for the sciences.

Photos: Bill Nye at Bumbershoot

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Pictured above Bill Nye – “The Science Guy” appeared at Bumbershoot festival in Seattle to lead a taping of the podcast StarTalk Live and to advocate for the sciences. Photos by Gordon...

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Photos: Bill Nye at Bumbershoot

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The last day at the festival started with Tacocat, a Seattle-based band who describe themselves as “The Go-Go's meet the Monkees.” With songs entitled “Hey Girl” and  “Crimson Wave,” the band is totally punk, but the kind of punk you want to dance to in your bedroom on a Saturday night.

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