Past Issues

Ethos Winter 2013


Secrets of the Sky
Unexplained airborne objects leave UFO hunters searching for answers.

Altered Perceptions
Sensory deprivation tanks help practitioners shut out the noise and tune into creativity.

Seizing the Swell
The consistent ocean currents of Oregon’s coastal waters could help the state become a leader in harnessing renewable wave energy. But despite the promise of locally-harnessed power, its development is making waves among some local fisheries and research organizations.

No Paradise
Each year thousands leave the African continent in the hopes of finding safety and stability in Europe. But all too often, immigrants discover that life in “Big Spain” is no paradise.


Editor’s Note

Dialogue: An Eternal Blindfold
A Cottage Grove man sees past blindness to fulfill his dream of owning an automotive shop.

Passport: Deathly Departed
From cremation to caskets: A cross-cultural look at funeral rites.

Forum: Incision Indecision
Is a movement to ban circumcision threatening Americans’ First Amendment rights?

Journeys Abroad: View from the Andes
Hiking to Mount Tunari’s peak parallels one student’s path to insight.

Colors & Shapes: From the Flames
The story of how a simple idea evolved into oldest glassblowing studio in the Northwest.

Spices & Spirits: From Sea to Shaker
Ben Jacobsen crafts a common condiment by hand-harvesting salt from the Pacific Ocean.

People in Motion: Breathing With a Purpose
Conscious breathing practitioners say with the right techniques, the body gains more than just oxygen through the 20,000 breaths you take each day.

Soundwaves: The Art of the Auction
The quick cadence of an auctioneer’s chant passes through generations.

Moving Pictures: Illuminating Music
Behind-the-scenes light producers take audiences on a visual journey.

The Last: Culture-crossed
After years away from her home country, one student rekindles a bond with her heritage.

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