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Live Review: The Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Action Tour

Review by Niria Garcia

Photo by Creative Commons

Don’t let the name fool you, this Ambassador is the antithesis of rigid and predictable.

Born in the bay-area as David Sugalski, the Polish Ambassador was quick to take his experience of having grown up in Chicago and the bay and transform that into a groovy and mellow eclectic style meant to create and hold a space for creative full body expressive dance. Although a Eugene regular, this show was unlike any other as he came in company of three other solo artists, lyricist Mr. Lif, the talented vocalist Ayla Nereo, and his long-time side kick Wildlight. To no ones surprise the mix performance was not what many were expecting. For some, the new addition of Mr. Lif’s hip-hop flavor left a bad taste in their mouth while for others, it was exactly what had been missing. Regardless of the transition that many folks who have seen the Polish Ambassador in the past, this was nothing less than a fun, loving, warm gathering of onesie-wearing Polish lovers.

Polish is known for his dorky one-piece outfits, which are also a trademark for the fans who follow him. Waiting in line to get in is never a bad time checking out how the fans creativity unravels in the light of the one-piece themes of The Polish Ambassador’s concerts. While some take this opportunity to wear less clothes in spite of cold weather, others use this opportunity to fully cover themselves in psychedelic one-piece outfits and wigs. The low security and chill vibe that the WOW Hall is known holds space for audiences to invest time into their outfits knowing they won’t be viciously searched at the entrance.

All of these artists are working together on Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Action Tour, a tour that started off as an IndieGogo project looking to raise over 35,000 dollars to help bring together “permaculture educators and community organizers to inspire and educate people about how we can make a shift towards a more sustainable and regenerative way of living, and channel this energy into local projects.”

How often do you go to a show where the headliner asks his crowd what to do if he needs to go pee in the middle of his two hour set? This is exactly what had the crowd laughing right before The Polish Ambassador took over the music at full throttle. And throughout the show, Polish Ambassador engaged with the crowd. That’s what makes a Polish Ambassador concert less of a show, and more of an experience.

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