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In Photos: The Renewed Allen Hall

Photo story by Rebecca Gibson
Companion story by Emily Weisz

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The eighteen-month renovation of Allen Hall is now complete, and the grand re-opening, scheduled for March 1, is just around the corner.

While the majority of the traditional home of the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) was completely remodeled, the brick exterior and pieces of antique equipment give the new building a classic look that blends mostly seamlessly with the top of the line technology within. Even with the brick exterior, an abundance of windows gives the renovated building plenty of natural light, even on a cloudy day.

Returning students seem to like the open-air feel of Allen Hall as well, and most agree that the building is exquisite and the perfect place for any student, journalism major or not, to get work done. Sophomore journalism student Sarah Scrivens is one such returning student.

“The building has a very professional vibe,” says Scrivens. “I feel [it] promotes the production of higher quality work.”

Others, like junior Lauren Schwartz, feel that the new communal, academic feel is the strongest aspect of the new building.

“My favorite part of the Allen Hall renovation are the seating and study spots on every single floor,” says Schwartz.

White boards on virtually every wall makes communication much easier and adds to the communal feel. While Allen Hall fills up quickly with busy students, the study tables on every floor make it easy for students to find the right place to open a book. The combination of wood tables and plush chairs gives students several options of where to get their studying done.

Now, the next step is to add a coffee shop to help with those late night projects.

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