Campus Photography

In Photos: The Glamorous Glamazon

Photos by Gordon Friedman and Rachel Baker
Companion story by Gabe Carlin and Ethos editorial staff

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Glamazon, the annual University of Oregon student drag show put on by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Education & Support Services Program, ends. Students and community members parade out of the EMU Ballroom as the intro/outro music blasts in the background. The crowd looks filled with joy as they leave the show, and their overheard conversations seem to match the look.

“It was amazing,” says one of the student attendees to her friends as she exited the show. “Rhea’s part was my favorite, because I love her.” Her friends laugh in agreement.

“It was amazing just how the put it on,” an older woman says to her husband. “The students were involved—fantastic. [The] faculty that helped out— great. The artistic work behind it was glamorous.”

No one seems to disagree with the assessment.


The show was sold out by the start time, disappointing a—by that point—huge crowd of people gathered in front of the EMU ticket office. They were encouraged to come back to the event next year, and many of them gave a contribution to the event despite not being able to see the show.

With shows like this, the fabulous Glamazon event seems destined to stay strong for years to come.

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