Past Issues

Ethos Summer 2013


The Hippest Cats in Town
Jazz and blues musicians master the craft of improvisation in a swinging youth band.

Eat, Breathe, Live, Bodybuilding
One couple proves there is more to retirement than knitting and shuffleboard.

Finding the Light Within
Modern Sikhs combine traditional teachings with contemporary culture to find a spiritual path right for them.

Advocating for Access
Specialized equipment can ease the challenges of transitioning to a lifestyle of limited mobility.

Web Features

Creating the Downtown We Deserve (Part II)
How citizens are working together to transition downtown Springfield into a bustling hub of arts, culture, and local commerce.


Editor’s Note

Dialogue: The Happiness Formula
Being happy is easier than most think.

Passport: 90° South
Welcome to Antarctica, the most frigid environment on Earth.

Forum: Electronic Eavesdropping
Is a new surveillance system throwing passengers under the bus?

Journeys Abroad: Discovering Israel
A journey to the Middle East reveals a united cultural identity.

Colors & Shapes: Changing the Direction of Art
Roaring chainsaws create cutting-edge art.

Spices & Spirits: The Dig for Dinner
Fresh bay clams are a delicious dinner for a father-and-son harvesting team.

People in Motion: The Power of Play
Music, dance, and tension make up the martial art that is Capoeira.

Soundwaves: Signing with the Beat
Hearing-impaired students creatively express themselves at Bold Expressive Arts Theater.

Moving Pictures: Made In Oregon
Oregon scenery takes center stage on the silver screen.

The Last: Our Midnight In Paris
Tourin France helps one writer understand the importance of family.


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