Past Issues

Ethos Summer 2012


The Six O’Clock Satire
As more and more Americans look to comedians for the news, what happens to journalism?

A Sisterhood of Service
Five female veterans continue the fight back home.

How Ethos is Made
A road trip to White City leads to a river guide, a clown, and a whole lot of magazines.



Editor’s Note

Dialogue: Elvis is Back
An Elvis impersonator copes with the rock and roll of life.

Passport: Southern Secrets
Learn what makes French Guiana, Guyana, and Suriname three of South America’s best-kept secrets.

Forum: Wired
The Internet might be changing the way we think. Is it time to unplug?

Journeys Abroad: Tracing Back the Bloodline
Centuries after her ancestors left, an American returns to Ireland.

Colors & Shapes: Rubbish Meets Runway
The couture answer to consumer waste.

Spices & Spirits: Faith from Scratch
Flour meets faith in the home of a Mennonite baker.

People in Motion: Repairing History
With five decades of experience, a typewriter repairman keeps the technology alive.

Soundwaves: Arcade Fever
An arcade becomes a disco for devotees to Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up Pro.

Moving Pictures: A Funny Business
Internationally renowned cartoonist Jan Eliot explains how she made it in the funnies.

The Last: Weathering the Storm
A young woman travels to Spain to celebrate World Youth Day.

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