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Ethos Fall 2013



Cuba: A Changing Culture – An American journalism student photographs a scarcely seen neighbor from the south.

The Mystery of Mount Shasta – Residents of Mount Shasta shed light on the unique mountain community.

Alive & Free – Outreach workers offer high-risk youth companionship and life lessons, steering them away from violence.

Into the Dark – Oregon’s extensive cave system attracts dedicated explorers as well as reckless partiers.


Editor’s Note

Dialogue: Britain’s Captive Audience – Produced exclusively by prisoners for prisoners, National Prison Radio is far more than meets the Eye.

Passport: Southbank’s Grind – London’s historic “found space” skatepark is at risk of being demolished to make room for a commercial center.

Forum: The Birthing Debate – Midwives face new legislation that threatens their traditional training methods.

Journeys Abroad: Paper Lanterns & Cuffs of White – A student’s homestay in Thailand creates bonds beyond language.

Colors & Shapes: The Adventures of Sumkins and Rynn – Two competitive cosplayers prove that Halloween is not the only day to dress up.

Spices & Spirits: Fruits of the Forest – Has Oregon been ignoring one of its most sustainable natural resources?

People in Motion: Festive Frocks – Pageantry and competition interlace on stage in the world of Irish dance.

Soundwaves: The Pulse of Portland – A club seeks to move bodies and connect dots between splintered music scenes around the world.

Moving Pictures: A Day to Fly – A windy forecast is preferred for an annual festival on the Oregon Coast.

The Last: Drumming Up the Sun – A young boy wakes up alone and afraid in a New Mexico desert.

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