Past Issues

Ethos Fall 2011

Cover photo by Alex Stoltze


Crumbling Foundation: The Decline of Freemasonry

After four hundred years of recorded history, one of the world’s best-known fraternities may end forever.

The Art of Conception

Seeking sperm? Eager for eggs? Find out the facts about assisted reproductive technology.

Stuck In Dignity?

The country’s only legal shantytown offers Portland’s homeless a community off the streets.

Following the Golden String

Called by God, men and women take religious vows that last a lifetime.


Editor’s Note – Fall 2011

Elisabeth Kramer introduces herself as our newest editor-in-chief.

Dialogue –The New Mystique: The Changing Face of Feminism

Feminist Mara Williams offers her perspective on what the “F-word” means in the twenty-first century.

Passport – What About the Other -Stans?

A quick guide to some of the world’s lesser known -stans.

Forum – Remaking the Remedy: Compound Pharmacies

Corporate pharmaceuticals vs. compound pharmacies. Who wins?

Journeys Abroad – Forever Abroad

After spending most of his adult life in the West, a South Korean-born man forges his own cultural identity.

Colors & Shapes – Reaching for the Brass Ring

The Oregon town of Albany carves out a place in carousel history.

Spices & Spirits – Smokin’

Northwestern barbecuers crank up the heat in national competitions.

People in Motion Immortal Markers

Thanks to the work of modern day volunteers, Civil War veterans are honored decades after death.

Soundwaves – Fantasy Phonetics

Elvish, Klingon, and Na’vi give fictional characters voice.

Moving Pictures – Painting With Pixels

With the backing of the Smithsonian, video games gain credibility as an art form.

The Last – Just Another Sister?

Changing the status quo along Greek Row.

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