Editor's Note

Editor’s Note – Volume 9, Issue 1

It is 2016, and there are still people who object to powerful depictions of women. As vehemently as these people may argue that their case for why they believe women are less qualified for certain things is based on facts – whether it be the excuse of genetic makeup, the tendency to nurture, etc. – the unfortunate truth is that in their core, they simply reject the capability of women.

I have fought those who have denied my capabilities since high school. I began realizing the differences in standards people had for me versus my male peers. I officially understood that ‘feminism’ wasn’t a dirty word. But once I had realized this, it was so much harder to ignore the frustrating underestimation and deliberate rejection of my potential success because of the simple fact that I was a woman. I so often ignored and later got in the face of strangers, family, and close friends who slapped me with statements like “Why are you even in college? Why don’t you just marry rich?” to “Just shut up, because no one cares what a woman says anyway,” and even, “It doesn’t even matter how successful you are, Jordyn. I’m a man, so I’ll always get things handed to me first.”

But perhaps that is the difference. I don’t want anything to be handed to me. I, along with so many others who wish to positively influence the world, work to earn my success, and know when I’m at my best that I have done so by building people up. This is something I think this edition of Ethos Magazine really captures.

We see this ideal of strong women in the coverage of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai speaking out for education for girls worldwide, and in a stunning photo essay following the women in the Alaskan Forest Service. We see how women can live with one foot on each side of strong and soft in the profile on Olympic runner Alexi Pappas. These are just a few of our pieces in this edition that help bring to life the influence of women on our world, and the beauty of the human spirit in general.


Jordyn Brown

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