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Fall 2011

I’ve been practicing my signature for months. It’s a silly thing to fret over with the entire production of a magazine underway, but I wanted to make sure that this part, the part I most literally had a hand in, looked somewhat decent. I knew the rest of Ethos would be just fine. How could it not with the backing of a talented staff of more than 60 working tirelessly over three long months? For all their weeks of writing, designing, editing, photographing, and promoting the magazine, I could at least make sure my name wasn’t crooked.

All the time that went into this issue created a beautiful blend of both the old and the new. Old are the traditions explored in “Following the Golden String,” page 28; new are the languages up for discussion in “Fantasy Phonetics,” page 42. Old are the questions asked about one’s identity (“Forever Abroad,” page 34); new are the paths that lead to answers (“Just Another Sister?,” page 46). Old is the goal of Ethos to share the stories that make a culture; new are the names accomplishing that mission each and every term.

Also new is the name scrawled below. This is my first Ethos as editor in chief and I welcome your suggestions on how to improve upcoming issues. Since we have no letters to the editor section in the print magazine, feel free to post a comment on our website in response to this letter (you’ll find it in the “Editor’s Note” section). I’ll be checking the comments and responding back. All I ask is that you don’t heckle my handwriting too much.


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  1. Elisabeth, I’m glad to see that you’ve climbed the ranks! Congratulations on all your successes!

  2. Thanks so much, Kate! I hope you’re doing well. If you’re ever interested in getting a copy of the magazine, just let me know.

  3. Great Job!

  4. Thanks so much, Clifford! I’m also glad to see you enjoyed Lacey’s article on the Brass Ring Carousel. You all are doing amazing work!

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