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Ethos World

A collection of stories from Ethos staff members traveling around the world.

  • 08 2017 May

    Féministe: The Art of Being “Selfish”

    Q&A with the founder of France’s first women and trans open mic.   Words by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, photos by Teresa Suárez and Marie Rouge   For 26-year-old Eiram*, it was being called “selfish” by a middle-aged White...

  • 01 2017 May

    A Love Letter to Mumbai

    Words by Srushti Kamat, Illustrations by Dorothy Hoeft A calming chaos. An oxymoron. A voice. A faded memory. I have always been amazed at the ability of people to survive and thrive. I was born into a...

  • 17 2017 April

    American Qur’an: Cultural Understanding Through Art

    Words by Iago Bojczuk, Photos by Will Nielsen   In recent months, Islamophobia and hate crimes against muslims in the United States have soared to their highest levels since the terrorist attack on the World Trade...

Icelandic Adventure

December 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

Photographer Patrick Bryant took in the beauty of Iceland through the lens of his camera. Here are a few snapshots of his travels....

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Photo Essay: Grassroots Football in Ghana

December 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Football attracts both the young and old at a local, makeshift pitch in Ghana....

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Stupasky: Auschwitz, Explored

September 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

An account of one staff member's experience while visiting the infamous concentration camp. ...

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One writer divulges everything you should know about Germany's famous Oktoberfest....

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