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Ethos World

A collection of stories from Ethos staff members traveling around the world.

  • 04 2017 September

    The Flutemaker

    Words and Photos by Kendra Siebert  After a full day of leading workshops at César E Chavéz Elementary School, Samuel Becerra returns to his apartment to continue making art. With hands stained light blue from...

  • 01 2017 September

    Seeking Art in Suffering

    Emerson, Manitoba: a town comprised of less than 700 people and flat as a board with swaths of tundra, is more of a place people pass through than stop and take notice of. The Pembina-Emerson...

  • 26 2017 August

    With Love, Anita

    Words by Katherine Smith, Illustrations by Dorothy Hoeft  Twenty-two roses: One for every year they were apart. Anita’s heart was beating so fast; she thought it was going to explode. There he was, Deo Karan,...

Building Nepal’s Future

February 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

Words by Erin Coates, Photos by Hetta Hansen   Moving across the world to pursue a master’s degree in sustainable architecture was not an easy decision for Dristi Manandhar. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake had just shaken her country of Nepal, and the graduate student was not prepared for how badly she would miss home, and...

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A Refugee’s Journey Across Seas

January 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

Words by Mara Welty, Photos by Natalie Hardwicke   Ali Turki Ali, a Syrian refugee, stands in front of Lane Community College. His eyes gleam as he spots his brother and two nephews turn the corner on the darkened, moonlit street. The two small boys, bundled in puffy green jackets that shield them from the...

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A Global First Amendment

January 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

Words by Morgan Krakow, Photos by Meghan Jacinto, Illustration by Erick Wonderly   As Endalk Chala walks down the street, he can’t shake the feeling that someone is following him. Every turn, every alleyway, someone could grab him. He could be arrested for what he’s written. But the 32-year-old graduate student has to remind himself:...

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Words and Photos by KJ Hellis and Mackenzie Moran  [slideshow_deploy id=’24981′] Up to my chest in frigid bog water, I cling tightly to my waders, hoping not to flood them, as I trudge through thick clay that covers the bottom of the ponds. “Where is the elodea?” I ask one of the members of the...

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In the Heart of Terror

October 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

Words by Jordyn Brown / Illustration by Miro Merrill   There is something strange that happens to the human body when there is a sense something is about to go terribly wrong. You can wake up one morning feeling completely normal, and the next with a knot in your stomach, and an unsettled feeling moving...

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Words by Olivia Singer/ Photo by Will Nielsen *Full interview conducted in Spanish, translated by author*   “Are you a safe driver?” we asked. He reached for his seatbelt. Click. “Of course.” Hector Luis Herrera Navarro, who drives for Uber in Queretaro, Mexico, says he sometimes forgets to use his seatbelt because his previous job...

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From the Wreckage of War

September 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Fikret Ibrakic stopped to read the seemingly unending stack of names etched into the slabs of stone before him. Although he had been at the memorial for the slain citizens of the Srebrenica village massacre multiple times before, he still had to take his time to find the exact ones he was looking for. After...

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A London Rapper’s Quest to Build a Legacy

September 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Shaeem Wright sits in the garden behind his West London home on a balmy summer night. The trees sway with the soft breeze as a train comes screeching to a stop at the nearby White City tube station. Wright enjoys a spliff with a friend as they celebrate the completion of his fourth EP, Cosmos/Genesis....

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