Are you a University of Oregon student or community member interested in working on Ethos? We are always looking for talented people to join our staff. We offer experience in all aspects of journalism, from the editorial side to the business side.


Being part of Ethos Magazine is an incredibly rewarding experience. Yet, it’s also a large time commitment. Please consider that you’ll be expected to come to 4 general staff meetings per month along with smaller weekly meetings depending on your position. Also be advised all positions listed below are unpaid. If you have any questions, contact us at .

If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact the appropriate leadership staff member below with a short cover letter, resume, and link to your portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio, please email samples of your work or provide links to them.


The editorial side of Ethos writes, edits, shoots, illustrates, and designs the magazine for both print and online:

  • Associate and Section Editors: As an AE, you’ll guide the writer’s process as they find interview subjects, research, and craft their drafts. You’ll also need to set up weekly meetings with your story group (including writer, photographer, designer, etc.) to monitor all stages of the story before it goes to print.
  • Writers: After receiving your story assignment(s), you’ll seek out interviews and send story drafts to your AE every week. Communication and persistence are key to creating a well-rounded story by the assigned deadlines. Writers for the print publication are also encouraged to write for the website.

Contact: Ella T. Morgan, Editor in Chief ( 


  • Photographers: Will meet with their assigned story group(s) to develop a strong visual representation of the story. Expect to shoot at least twice per assigned print magazine story. They will also be able to work on stories publishing exclusively online

Contact: Marin Stuart, Photo Editor (

Meghan Jacinto, Asst. Photo Editor (


  • Designers: It’s the goal of the designer to develop all text, illustrations, and photos into cohesive and innovative spreads for the print magazine. You don’t need to already be an expert in InDesign and Photoshop, but these will be your two main tools so be open to learning.
  • Illustrator: You’ll create visuals to accompany stories instead of, or along with, photos.

Contact: Brooke Harman, Creative Director  (


  • Web Master: Is in charge of making sure the website is on point and aesthetically pleasing. Writers post their own stories to the website for the most part, so your job is to make sure the site stays clean and free from any unwanted or irrelevant links or sources. Knowledge of HTML and CSS coding is a must.
  • Web Editor: You work directly with the web master in a duo to ensure the website is always up to date with new stories and features and that it is clean and professional.
  • Video Editor: Responsible for managing videographers, overseeing the progression of video content, and making themselves available for questions regarding production. The ideal candidate has published with a publication before, worked with Final Cut X or Adobe Premier extensively, and knows what makes an effective and compelling video. The video director will stay in regular contact with the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editors, and will work under the Photo Editor.
  • Podcast Production: Oversee the production of their own shows for the Ethos Magazine website. This is a “pitch” type of position: you pitch a story idea for a podcast, ideally around 10 minutes long, but longer if needed. If the pitch is approved, the show will be slotted. We are always willing to work with storytellers on shaping ideas if an initial pitch is not approved. Qualified candidates will have a basic knowledge of Final Cut X or corresponding audio editing software, the principles of natural sound placement, and audio storytelling.

Contacts: Kiva Hanson, Podcast Producer (

Development (Branding, Marketing & Fundraising)

The Development team has the weighty responsibility of maintaining the Ethos brand, marketing the publication via social media, and throwing events for fundraising to ensure the magazine has the money to go to print. Past events have included the Spirit of Summer Art Competition, Bandest of the Bands, UO Campus Block Party and many other incredible parties and concerts that get our name out to campus and the larger community.

  • Public Relations Representative : PR reps are expected to come up with creative and innovative ideas, not only for fundraising, but also for promoting Ethos throughout Eugene and abroad. Public relation representatives interact with local talent for involvement in events, reach out to various organizations for affiliations, and ensure social media posts reach the Ethos community and intrigue new members. Position available.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Responsible for publishing Ethos’ stories to Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media sites. Such a coordinator will need to market stories daily, and must know how to retweet stories to organizations which may be interested in our pieces.

Contact: Ella T. Morgan, Editor In Chief (


Ethos offers freelance opportunities. If you want to begin receiving our weekly e-mail listing all freelance stories and/or you have work you’d like to see publish online, send an e-mail including your name, contact information, past experience, and, if applicable, story idea to