Past Issues

Ethos Summer 2011

Cover photo by Marcie Giovannoni


Finding Life in Captivity

The Cascades Raptor Center offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most adept predators.

In the Shadows of Sasquatch

Sasquatch is a mainstay of Northwestern lore, but hunter Thom Powell brings a lesser-known, paranormal perspective to the quest for evidence of the controversial phenomenon.

American Basqueland

United by language and lore, the Basque band together in a changing world.

Body, Mind, and Cirque

Twisting, twirling, and contorting local artists master the artistry of cirque.


Editor’s Note – Summer 2011

Suji Paek signs off as editor in chief

Dialogue – The Right Side of Life

National Geographic veteran Dewitt Jones pays it forward by encouraging others to explore the beauty of the world.

Passport – Required to Bear Arms

For countries with conscription, adulthood comes with a cost.

Forum – Chemical Castration

Should chemical castration for sex offenders be considered a humane alternative to brick walls and iron bars?

Journeys Abroad – What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

An illustrated guide to understanding Eugene’s eccentric self.

Colors & Shapes – Avant Car

The art car movement hitches a ride on the wheels of re-imagined autos.

Spices & Spirits – Preserving Cures

Plants and herbs provide more than half of the chemicals used in medicines and prescription drugs. But they’re starting to disappear–fast.

People in Motion The Lore of the Lure

Willamette Valley fly fishers share their multifaceted sport.

Soundwaves – Dirty Mouth?

Get the dirt on the origins of our dirtiest words.

Moving Pictures – The Background World of Background Actors

Not all actors are meant to be noticed; what it means to be an extra.

The Last – One Night in Italy

One writer couldn’t care less what the Romans do.

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