Ethos Spring 2012

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Operation Wildlife
Animal detectives in Ashland, Oregon, solve the planet’s fur-ensic files.

Apocalypse When?
Three experts predict humanity’s last days.



A Digital Dump
Western electronics meet a fiery end in Ghana.

Final Notes
Local musicians play bedside vigils for the dying.


Editor’s Note

Dialogue: Reclaimer of the Deep
A commercial diver’s tale of surviving one of the world’s deadliest jobs.

Passport: Growing Pains
From razor slashes to biting ants, boys brave it all to become men. And you thought puberty was hard.

Forum: Nano’s New Leaf
Technology cleans up its act.

Journeys Abroad: Borderlands
A visitor’s perspective on the poverty-stricken bateyes of the Dominican Republic.


Colors & Shapes: Sisters of Synchro
How synchronized swimmers band together against stereotypes about their sport.

Spices & Spirits: Cultured
Artisan cheeses class up the dairy aisle.

People in Motion: The Right Cut
Meet the meat eaters making their mark on butchery.

Soundwaves: Liquid Jazz
The winner of this year’s Bandest of the Bands splashes into the world of jazz.

Moving Pictures: Eye Owe You
Donated eyes reach thankful recipients courtesy of Lions Vision Gift, Oregon’s only eye bank.

The Last: From Faux Pas to Friendship
A student in France doesn’t know what to expect when she says she’s expecting.

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